Meet the Family!

We hear it a lot. You would think we’d be used to it by now. But it still surprises us that many of you have never been inside either of our stores. Not our beautiful downtown Berkley store, nor our warm-weather shop in Cross Village.

Maybe you didn’t realize we had brick-and-mortar places. Perhaps you thought we were a national franchise. Or, you’re an ex-pat living somewhere other than our pleasant peninsulas.

You may not have ever met any of the creative, fun individuals who make up our small but mighty Peninsulas family.

So today, we introduce you to one of the most compassionate, hardest-working group of Michiganders around.


Robert Jameson

Co-Owner / Chief 

“Robert tends to shout loudly across the room during instructions.” That was what his teacher said about him in 4th grade, and it has gone downhill from there!

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of Peninsulas, Robert leads an amazing team of co-workers in providing the highest level of service possible. 

“My favorite Michigan moment was when we were given the opportunity to climb to the top of the Mackinac Bridge,” he says. “The combination of being so close to a man-made marvel, while looking out across the natural beauty of our state was awe-inspiring.”

A true Michigander, he bleeds Maize & Blue, knows that Lafayette is the best Coney Island, and understands that Vernors cures everything.


Sherri Lawton Jameson

Co-Owner / Creative Director

Aptly described as “the glue that holds all the madness together,” Sherri is the reluctant leader and uber-talented designer responsible for the look and feel of the Peninsulas brand. 

“I am so very proud of what Peninsulas has become – and the road it took to get here with my husband. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been incredibly fulfilling.” Sherri especially enjoys being able to design items that benefit causes she believe in, like the Michigan State Parks. “I enjoy seeing when a design of mine encourages people to reminisce about their favorite memories – such as the time they spent at their grandparents’ cottage or fishing with their children.”

Her ideal Saturday would be waking up in a campground in their Airstream – heading off to the local farmer’s market, and then out to explore off the beaten track. Then back to the campground in the evening, make dinner with our market finds, and end it all with a campfire and s’mores.

Sherri has never met a Michigan sunset she didn’t like.


Trish Stroh

Executive Assistant

If we are being honest, Trish’s title is a bit deceiving – she is in charge.

Trish has been with Peninsulas since the beginning – before the beginning – before we even knew there was going to be a beginning. You get the idea. She has been with us a long time! An excellent sounding board for new ideas and a trusted confidant, Trish keeps us grounded and moving in the right direction.

“The best thing about Peninsulas is that we work hard, but have fun doing it!”

Count on the volume being turned to 11 when Kid Rock is playing. One of her favorite memories was seeing him live on her birthday. And when March 26 rolls around, count on her to be celebrating Steven Tyler’s birthday. Now THAT is a diehard Aerosmith fan. 

Trish describes herself as an avid gardener and a huge Red Wings fan – her dog Gordie is named after Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. Her cat Seven? Well. we haven’t heard that story yet.


Rachel Hughes

Wholesale Manager

Stolen from the world of corporate finance, Rachel oversees our wholesale accounts, online sales, and has a budding relationship with our pin and magnet machine!

“I love the family atmosphere at Peninsulas and products are really fun. I’m learning so much about how a small business works. It’s definitely the change I was looking for.”

Favorite aunt to her niece and nephew, and sole provider to a beta fish named Leonardo da Fishy, she is also an avid chef who is not afraid to stray from the recipe card. On the rare occasion that we give her any time off, Rachel is always looking for the next great adventure. “Some people see my love for solo travel as courageous. I just see it as a great way to see new places on my own schedule.”

Some of her favorite Michigan memories are her childhood summers spent at her aunt’s little cabin on a lake in Ortonville. “We swam and fished all day long, and cooked all our meals outside on a huge open fire pit. It was my favorite place in the world.”

Want to get on her good side? Dove Dark Chocolate Candies.


Lauren Nyquist

Illustrator & Copywriter

What does Lauren do for Peninsulas? What DOESN’T she do? Call it an eclectic mix, call it multi-faceted, call it a complete inability on behalf of her boss to give her an actual job description… Whatever you call it, Lauren is a creative talent that we are lucky to have.

Lauren splits her time between the Berkley store helping customers and the Peninsulas’ studio working on new product design and writing website or social media copy. A graduate of Detroit’s prestigious College for Creative Studies, she has a unique style that truly complements the Peninsulas’ aesthetic.

“I really like how I’ve learned so much more about Michigan’s culture, parks, history and wildlife,” she says.

A fan of fall sweater weather, corn mazes, and almost every shade of green, Lauren spends her free time sketching, playing guitar, and spending time outdoors. She has many fond childhood memories of spending time in Frankfort, Michigan – especially the donuts from the Crescent Bakery.


Lauren Diamond

Marketing Media Manager

Rarely seen but always there, Lauren is the talent that makes the Peninsulas brand look so good. Whether scheduling a full-day photo shoot with 20+ models (definitely a learning experience for all involved!) or social media posts, she has her eye on the ball!

“I have to say, I love my job!” she says. “I get to style and photograph lifestyle images, be strategic and creative, dream up new ideas, manage social media campaigns, help good causes, and work with the most kind, compassionate team.”

When she takes time for herself and puts the camera down, Lauren can be found with friends, traveling or trying to keep up with her two-year-old son.

She can’t decide on her favorite Great Lake States memory – playing on the beach in Pt. AuGres, boating and enjoying the sun at a sandbar, fudge tasting on Mackinac Island, skiing at Boyne Mountain, or Noel Nights in Midtown Detroit. She is a true Michigander.



Maggie LaFramboise

Store Clerk

Maggie serves as our chief giggler… (that’s a real job and she is a pro). Since joining the Peninsulas family, Maggie has brought a ray of youthful sunshine to the Berkley store that makes everyone who meets her smile. 

A jill-of-all-trades at the store, Maggie can be found assembling pins and magnets, ringing up customers, folding flour sack towels (SO MANY TOWELS!) and fulfilling online orders. 

“I have so much fun working with my coworkers,” she says. “I also really like packaging orders and making them look cute. I know when I get packages, it’s like a present, so it’s fun to wrap orders like presents.”

An admitted candy addict with a taste in music that ranges from the store acceptable, Harry Styles, to the store questionable, Megan Thee Stallion, Maggie’s energy and positivity are infectious. We love her.


Austin Innis

Popup Shop Supervisor / Videographer

There are almost no words to describe Austin. Do you remember that urban legend from junior high school that, if you ate a box of Pop Rocks and drank a Coke, your stomach would explode? We are pretty sure he has done it, multiple times. 

Helping out in the Berkley store, pop-up events, and acting as our in-house videographer, Austin is truly a renaissance man who never takes himself too seriously. 

“The best part of my job is getting to interact with people in the store and at Michigan State Parks!” he exclaims.

Aptly labeled “eccentric” by his friends, Austin pursues his widely varied passions with dizzying energy. An avid camper and sailor, this Eagle Scout is also a talented musician and filmmaker. He counts backpacking along Pictured Rocks and exploring Grand Haven as two of his favorite Michigan memories. 

Oh, and he loves Superman ice cream… of course he does.


Chauncey Jameson

Chief Instigator & Senior Treat Taster

As the senior member of the Peninsulas family, Chauncey leads with a style that can only be described as aloof and unaware. For all he cares, we could sell used hub caps or bulk rolls of bubble wrap – as long as he gets his treats and the occasional belly rub. 

Rarely seen at the store these days, Chauncey spends most of his days at the Peninsulas studio overseeing Sherri’s creative work. He takes the occasional break from his nap to play with the myriad of trip hazards he strategically places in high-traffic areas. 

Chauncey enjoys VERY short walks, cheese, and playing “how loud can I be when you are on a conference call?” He tolerates camping. And anything else... he can do without. 

But, of course, we tease. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog ever, and we are fortunate for every day we get to spend with him.