We Love Our Moms

Happy Mother’s Day, from the Peninsulas family to yours! We hope you can take some time to honor your mother or the mother-figures in your life. And to all the mothers out there, Michigander moms, honorary moms, even dog moms: thanks for making the world a little brighter!

We would like to give a shout out to our very special moms this Mother's Day.  Thank you for always being there for us with a loving hug, forgiving smile, or swift kick in the pants when we needed it most.  We love you!


Robert Jameson: “My Mother is Hands-Down The Best”

“One of the earliest memories I have of my mother was when she was a banquet waitress at a Howard Johnsons Motel. She would take me to work with her, put me in an empty banquet room with my toy cars, and bring me baskets of breadsticks. To this day, I smile every time a see those little pre-packaged breadsticks.

"My mother is always interested in what I am doing, in school, at work, in life, whatever. I love that she genuinely wants to know about my interests, and loves to be a part of my life and my siblings. She is very creative and an excellent seamstress. She made all of our Halloween costumes growing up… we looked amazing.”


Sherri Lawton Jameson Shares How Much She Admires Her Mom

“Whatever my mom decides to do – whether it’s teaching herself photography, taking up quilting, genealogy research, or volunteering at various animal rescue groups, she dives in headfirst and always achieves success.

"I am always in awe of her compassion. I really admire the work she does for the animal shelter she volunteers for. She photographs all the dogs and cats for their website and social media. She, along with my dad, also do 'Santa Paws' pictures every year with 100% of the proceeds going to the shelter.”



Rachel Hughes is Proud of Her Mom

“My mom is the most selfless, sweetest, most patient person I know! Growing up my friends would stop by any time and she would always be ready to make her famous spaghetti and meatballs for them. She takes such good care of her family and everyone around her! I’m very blessed to have her!”



Lauren Nyquist: “I Love My Mom, Let Me Count the Ways”

“I love my mom for a lot of reasons. She’s put a lot of energy and love into taking care of me and my siblings. She really does accomplish what she puts her mind to, like starting a freelance photography business that’s now several years strong! I love being able to talk art and design with her. She’s also the most dedicated workout/crossfit participant that I know. You go mom!!”



Lauren Diamond Has a Mom with Spirit

“My mom taught me so many valuable things in life. To think creatively and appreciate art. To be determined: ‘If there is a will, there is a way.’ To be empathetic and kind- I cannot tell you how many times I forgot my lunch or clarinet at home and she hopped in the car and drove it to me. And perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to dance – she’s got some funky moves! I love my mom!”


Maggie LaFramboise Credits Her Mom for Who She is Today

“I am incredibly grateful my mom decided to stay home and raise me and my siblings because it made me the person I am today. As a child, she never let me watch Disney princess movies because they portrayed women as helpless and weak. Instead, she gave me books with princesses that were smart, strong, and didn’t need a prince to save them. She’s taught me to love myself for who I am and to stand up for what I believe in.”



Austin Innis is Grateful for His Mom

When my mom took a job as the Assistant Activities Director at a senior living center last summer, she was thrilled to hear that her work would primarily consist of driving old folks on weekly field trips to Kroger and the exotic restaurants in Detroit. However, as the government began to shut down businesses and close down public areas, the conditions of my mother’s work had drastically shifted with the quarantining of residents to their rooms and the enforcement of a building in total lockdown. Because of the current situation, the employees of the senior home have voluntarily tripled their duties (despite the lack of an increase in pay) by disinfecting everything that enters the building, running meals that were once served in a dining hall up the building’s three floors, and by regularly boosting morale with fresh popcorn and a happy hour cart. During these hard times my mom has gone above and beyond by engaging with the residents through her weekly puzzle books and by organizing live courtyard entertainment. Throughout all the obstacles she has not once complained about how the longer shifts were extended into the weekend, or how she’s living in the movie “Groundhog’s Day” and comes home so exhausted that she’s in bed by 9pm just to get up and do the same thing the next day.

My mom is amazing.  I am extremely grateful to have her in my life.