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Gifts for Dad

So, how many times have you gifted your dad a tie for Father's Day? We’re not judging, but we are here to offer you a slightly more personal alternative! If you want to wow your dad with a gift that fits his unique personality and interests, check out our gift guide for the perfect gift for every kind of dad in your life. “Kiss the Cook” apron not included.


The Dad who Loves a Good Campfire

Does your Dad like to find any excuse to send you out looking for tinder, share your s'mores and tell some stories around a roaring campfire? Rekindle those fond memories with these warm-hearted gifts! 


Our Book of Building Fires is perfect for those scout-leader dads who are always looking for ways to improve their craft. Filled with more than 60 entries on fire-making and advice on sourcing wood, building and lighting, and even cooking over an open fire, it will be sure to impress and inform even the most skilled flame-fanners. 

building fires book


If your dad is looking to spice up his style more than his skills, try our Campfire Enamel Pin or Put Out Your Campfires Raglan Shirt. Pair it with our Campfire Peel & Stick Patch to create a camp-out ensemble that’s cooler than cool – even in front of the bonfire!

 campfire pin

Put Out Your Campfires Raglan Baseball T-Shirt



Who Can’t Wait to Visit a Michigan State Park?

If your dad is itching to lace up his hiking boots, grab a fishing pole, or ready his bike and visit his nearest state park, we’ve got just the gift to tide him over until his next trip out! 


Petoskey state park sign and patch


The Michigan State Parks Permit Print is perfect for dads who are nostalgic for earlier times, or who appreciate the history of our parks. Trace stickers from 2010 all the way back to 1961, when permit stickers were first introduced in the state of Michigan.

 mi state parks print


If your dad prefers a gift he can use out on the trail, try our DNR MI State Parks Nalgene Bottle, featuring official State Parks activity icons. At a 32 fl. oz capacity, it holds plenty of water for a good long hike or an afternoon on the lake. And while you’re at it, why not pair it with a few of our State Park Permit Stickers? Our stickers are based on genuine historical state park permits. Plus, they’re perfect for decorating not only water bottles, but laptops, car bumpers, notebooks, and more!

mi state parks nalgene water bottle


You’ll find Him and His Kiddos Having a Blast Together

Some dads are just happiest when they know everyone in their family is getting along and enjoying themselves. Is your dad the first one to suggest a family photo at every event? Give him an idea for the next photo op with a matching set of shirts for the whole family!


state of happiness collection

Our State of Happiness collection is available in sizes from 3XL all the way down to youth and infant sizes, so everyone from the tiny tots to Grandpa can match! We take it beyond the standard family photo attire with a range of complementary styles and colors that will all look great together, baby onesies to t-shirts to raglans. Say cheese!


He Likes His Food Spicy

Does your dad always opt for the spiciest dish on the menu? We’ve got the perfect gift to set his food on fire (figuratively, we’re not talking about campfires)!


Our Hell Fire Detroit Hot Sauce comes in several flavors and spices, from the mild and earthy Poblano to the fiery Manzana maxing out at 30,000 scoville units! Hell Fire Detroit takes care to capture and intensify the unique tastes of each pepper. If your dad likes a little spice in his diet, these are sure to make his taste buds sing.


For the Dad who Enjoys a Cold One

These gifts are great for the Dad whose catchphrase is “it’s five o’clock somewhere!” From brew fans to brewery historians, we’ve got plenty of gifts for the true beer buff. 


Detroit Brewing Company T-Shirt

Our Detroit Brewing Company T-Shirt will definitely make him the coolest cook at the cookout. Plus, it’s perfect for Dads who love an excuse to talk about the finer points of Michigan’s brewery history.



Speaking of brewery history, our Big Mac Beer Serving Tray is a great conversation starter, as well as being dishwasher safe and stain resistant! Great for fathers who love to host. 


And if your dad likes a well-crafted tool with his suds, get him the Michigan Bottle Opener. It’s laser cut, available in both aluminum and brass, and machine edged with just the right angle to crack open his bottle of choice. Cheers!



His Favorite Place is Camping Under the Stars

Is your dad’s love language quality time in the great outdoors? Lucky for you, that’s our specialty! We could point you towards most of our store, but these items are especially perfect for the avid camper.



If your dad’s love of camping is about the look and feel of it as much as the experience, the Homecamp Book will be sure to catch his eye! Homecamp combines the stories of everyday adventurers, photos of sweeping natural landscapes, and helpful camping how-tos for a coffee-table book that’ll tide him over until the next trip with plenty of outdoorsy eye-candy. 


Our Night Sky Pocket Guide is a handy gift for the dads whose favorite part of “camping under the stars” is, well, the stars! This laminated guide is perfect for taking out into the wild: it’s light, easy to read, and even glow-in-the-dark. The night sky guide offers the best of both worlds with a simple, easy to read constellations map on one side and more information on the moon, constellations, and even other celestial events like aurora borealis on the other. Great for the beginner and experienced stargazer alike!


on the road t-shirt and print

on the road t shirt

If he’s an explorer at heart, he’ll love our “On the Road” design, created by talented and respected illustrator Matt LeBarre! These designs feature the names of all 103 Michigan state parks, as well as a vintage camper and car that’ll be sure to stir up some road-trip nostalgia. The shirt and print of this design together make a great gift set!



The Foodie

Let’s face it: there’s no better gift for the Michigander foodie than a cherry-centric snack. This tart little fruit is far more versatile than you might think. If your dad’s a lover of the sweet and salty, try introducing him to the Cherry Republic Nut Mix! Featuring sweet dried cherries, jumbo almonds, pecans and cashews, it’s as hearty as it is satisfying. Plus, if he’s a hiker, this makes an excellent trail mix!



Does your dad relish a good chip and dip? Try Cherry Republic salsa! This customer favorite is the perfect blend of sweet and spice, and will fit right in next to that bowl of tortilla chips and guac. It’s great for dads who love to entertain, too. Trust us, everyone loves the guy who brings quality salsa to the picnic.


cork coasters

If your dad’s taste-tested it all, we do have one more gift in mind. Our cork coasters! These coasters come in a set of six and are letterpressed in a variety of designs, from our Lake Icons to the M-119 set. Finally, dad can enjoy his craft brew without fear of ruining the coffee table.



The Early Riser (Or the Want-to-be Morning Person)

Look, we don’t judge. Whether your dad gets up at 5:00 every morning or says he wants to get up at 5:00 every morning, these gifts will work perfectly either way! 


Our License Plate Mug and Keweenaw Coffee make a great gift set for groggy Mondays. These terracotta mugs are actually made from real, genuine vintage license plates, and are one of a kind! They pair perfectly with our Keweenaw Coffee. Roasted in the Upper Peninsula and available in a variety of flavors from the medium roasted and rich Borealis to the fresh and sweet Yooper Blend, it’s sure to give him a reason to get out of bed when the alarm goes off.


 timex watch

And when dear-old-dad has trouble getting up early, you know what time it is? Time to get him a watch! (We couldn’t get through this gift guide without at least one dad-joke. It’s the only one, we promise). The Standard 40mm Timex Watch is an excellent everyday model, with a classy, classic watch face and easily interchangeable straps. Plus, its INDIGLOⓇ light up dial and face makes it easy to read, even if you’re rising before the crack of dawn.



The Expert Mushroom Hunter

For those dads who catch that Morel fever each year, we’ve got the perfect tools to help him seek out his next prize.


mushroom field guide and knife set

Our Mushroom Knife & Sheath and Pocket Guide make an excellent starter kit for beginning morel-hunters, or a great toolkit boost for experienced. Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest covers nearly 400 common species of mushrooms, plus handy pointers from its Top Edibles and Top Toxics sections. The Opinel No. 8 is a knife specifically crafted for mushroom gathering, with a curved blade for delicate stems and a brush to clear away dirt and debris. And once he’s successfully identified and cut a few mushrooms free, he can safely store the knife away in its tailored sheath.


morel puzzle
If your dad is more enamored with Morels themselves than the act of hunting them out, consider our 1,000 Piece Morel Puzzle! Featuring a photo from Michigan native photographer Phil Stagg, this puzzle is as fascinating to look at as it is tricky to fit together. It makes an especially great gift for those dads who like to bring a family activity with them up north!



Keeps it Classic

Some dads just have that innate sense of timeless style and attitude. That ability to pull off the rustic, classic look. For those dads, we’ve got you covered. 


Stormy Kromer cap

Check out our Stormy Kromer caps, from an infamous company with years of history and respect, and for good reason! Stormy Kromer hats are created with the highest attention to detail, and have been keeping Yooper noggins warm in January snow since 1903. The original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap features its iconic subtle pull-down ear-flaps and comes in classy black, red, olive, plaidor charcoal. (If you’re wondering about size, the most common hat size is 7-⅜. If your dad has a slightly smaller or larger-than-average head, use 7-⅜ as your average and adjust accordingly.)


If you’re looking for a gift that fares better in warmer weather, check out our Great Waves HOMES T-Shirt. This shirt takes our classic HOMES design, layers it with a wave pattern, and ties the whole thing together on a deep navy tee. It’s our slickest design yet, if we do say so ourselves.


While we’re sure your dad would appreciate another pair of cufflinks, why not try something new this year and surprise him! What’s your dad’s favorite thing to do? Is he a cookout king? Pro fire-builder? Share your Father’s Day memories with #mipeninsulas!