The Unofficial Michigan State Holiday

The White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus), the state mammal of Michigan and the target of tens of thousands of hunters who will take to the fields and woods of Michigan for the next 15 days as the unofficial state holiday rolls around again…the 2014 edition of Firearm Deer Season in Michigan.

Sure, the archery hunters have already had their turn at the herd, and will again in December. And the muzzleloaders [with their handlebar moustaches, powder horns, deerskin chaps, and general disdain for all things 20th century!] will have a few days to romp around like early frontiersmen,…but firearm season is the Superbowl of Deer Season! Deer camps will be built, wives and children will be abandoned [yeah, yeah, I know there are a lot of women hunters…this is my blog!], and grown-men will mix and match camouflage patterns with reckless abandon – it will be a party.

We at Peninsulas wish all you hunters the best of luck and safe hunting. And, because we can’t go one blog post without an obscure vintage reference or picture, here are a couple of our favorite pages from an old Michigan State College pamphlet that celebrates “the other red meat”. We loved the cover so much, we developed a silkscreened poster of it!

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