• Heather Green T-shirt with 1961 State Park Permit Sticker printed on front.

1961 Michigan State Parks Vehicle Permit T-Shirt


For decades it was a source of bragging rights among Michigan's outdoorsy types — a row of permit stickers down the side of your windshield that signified your love and support of the Michigan State Parks system.

But times have changed and permit stickers have gone the way of pull tab cans and 8-track tape decks. Park goers can now renew their park permits with their license plates online.

This t-shirt celebrates the first Michigan State Parks Permit Sticker, issued in 1961. It is our homage to the storied history and scenic beauty of our 100+ parks. Wear one and show your support of the Michigan State Park system.

This shirt features the Michigan State Parks 100th anniversary logo on the back collar. 

Peninsulas is proud to donate 10% of the revenue, of all DNR licensed items, to support Michigan State Parks.

Heather Green

100% cotton