Fishing Lure Juice Glass

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Michigan’s Great Lakes combined make up the largest freshwater surface in the world. Add to that the many inland lakes, rivers, and brooks, and you get a lot of freshwater. And with a lot of water, comes a lot of fish. It’s no wonder that fishing is a favorite pastime of Michiganders! With our lure pattern juice glass, you can celebrate the sport that brings people together, puts food on the table, and allows us to enjoy Michigan’s wildlife. 

These festive, colorful glasses will complement any bar, kitchen, or patio, and make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend their day out on our waters with a friend and a fishing pole!

The Lure Juice Glass is one of three juice glass patterns celebrating the pastimes and livelihoods integral to our great state's culture! Find the Paddle Juice Glass here and the Axe Juice Glass here.

Size: 6-1/2 oz.

Dishwasher safe

An original Peninsulas design.