• Leelanau Peninsula Frosted Glass Candle

Leelanau Peninsula Frosted Glass Candle


The Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan's "little pinkie", or just “Up North”; however you refer to that little slice of heaven jutting into Lake Michigan, we can all agree it is a unique place. Our Leelanau Peninsula art features the small towns and villages that dot the coastline and meandering two-lane roads, as well as images reminiscent of the natural landmarks of this picturesque region. Designed by true Michiganders (okay, we are "Down Staters", but that doesn't mean we don't long for days lounging on the Lake Michigan shore or climbing the dunes!).

What better way to light up your home than with this candle. 100% soy wax with a subtle "toasted marshmallow" scent mixes with the crackling sound of a real wood's just like being at camp! After the 40 hours of burn time, you are left with a beautiful souvenir glass to display or use.

  • Poured in a reusable 10 oz. dishwasher safe drinking glass
  • Candle scent: toasted marshmallow
  • 100% soy wax 
  • Wood wick
  • Approximately 40-hour burn time
After candle is gone, drinking glass is dishwasher safe

An original Peninsulas design.