Store Pickup

What is Store Pick-Up?

Store Pick-Up allows you to make purchases online and pick up your order at our retail store in Berkley, Michigan. Stopping by the store means no shipping fees, and as an added bonus, you’ll get a special surprise tucked in with your order. When you visit, we recommend taking a few extra minutes to peruse our displays in person, including exclusive in-store vintage items and cool products available from our partner brands.

How does it work?

  1. Add items to your cart.
  1. Click the Store Pick-Up button on the cart page.
  1. Complete your order online.
  1. You may go to the store during business hours after you receive the “Ready for Pick-Up” email.
  1. Bring your “Ready for Pick-Up” email to claim your items. If you are unable to print the email, it can be viewed on your mobile device.

What if my items are on back-order?

When your items arrive in stock at the store you will receive a “Ready for Pick-Up” email. If you have multiple items on back-order that come to the store at different times you can pick up each item as it arrives or wait until your whole order is ready for pick-up.

What do I need to bring in order to claim my purchased item(s)?

Please bring a copy of your “Ready for Pick-Up” email or a valid photo ID. If you are unable to print your order email, it can be viewed on your mobile device.

Can someone else pick up an order for me?

Yes, as long as they have a copy of your “Ready for Pick-Up” email.

How will I know when my order will be ready?

Once we’ve processed your order, we’ll send you an order confirmation email that summarizes your purchases. 

Usually you will receive a “Ready for Pick-Up” email from us within two hours, if you have completed your order during normal business hours. If you place an order after 4:00 PM, it will not be ready until the following day. This time may also be subject to change during holiday season.

Please be sure to wait for the “Ready for Pick-Up” email before coming to the store during our regular business hours. 

How long do I have to claim my order?

Your order will be held for seven calendar days. We’ll send you a reminder email one day before we cancel the order and return the merchandise to the store floor. 

If you need to extend your order pick-up window, please contact us. Store contact information can be found by clicking here

If we cancel your order, your account will be credited for the amount of the order.