• Detroit 1968 Olympic Beanie

Detroit 1968 Olympic Beanie



Detroit has always been a sports town. We may not always win, but we show up to play. We are gracious losers and die-hard fans who embody the age old mantra — "Maybe next year."

Nowhere is this more evident than our historic string of bids to host the Olympic Games. Detroit holds the distinction of the city that has bid for and lost more than any other city in the world … an unprecedented nine times. 

From 1940 to 1972, Detroit raised its hand to host the ultimate sporting event. Unfortunately, World War II, international politics, Olympic committee in-fighting, and civil unrest all conspired to keep the games from coming to the Motor City. 

In 1968, Detroit came in a close second to Mexico City. Picture a Detroit that was unified and working towards a common goal of showcasing our city on the world stage. We like to imagine the spirit of the games would have helped bring us all closer together. 

This beanie bears the logo developed for Detroit's 1968 Olympic bid (with our own winter Olympics twist). Wear it in celebration of the games; wear it to cheer on team USA; but most of all, wear it to celebrate the greatest Olympic city that never was. 

11-1/2" x 9-1/4"

Heather Ash

48% cotton, 48% polyester, 4% spandex

Wash cold, do not bleach, dry low

Respectfully reproduced by Peninsulas using authentic vintage imagery and inspiration.