• Bobcat Cub Plush

Bobcat Cub Plush


What’s better than a cuddly stuffed animal? One that’s as eco-friendly as it is adorable! Created with recycled plastic and a dedication to realistic design, these little plush animals serve the environment, educate others about Michigan species, and of course, look too darn cute.

Though relatively common in Michigan, the wild bobcat is a rare sight to see! These animals are quite stealthy and nocturnal, making them difficult to spot. If you’re lucky, you may hear their distinctive call, which they use to communicate with other cats and their cubs. Both cute and realistic, the push bobcat cub features coat markings, tufted ears, and a bobbed tail, which bobcats are named for. Makes an excellent gift!


  • 12” x 5-1/2” x 6”
  • 100% polyester fibers
  • Hand wash only, air dry