Michigan Snowflake Adult Pajama Set


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As kids, we heard all sorts of rumors about how to get a day off for snow. Legend has it that if you flush an ice cube down the toilet, you’ll have a snow day the next day. It’s no wonder Michigan kids want a snow day so badly — a few inches of snow can turn a grey December day into a winter wonderland! And with no school, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside, make a snowman, and have a snowball fight.

Of course, it’s just as tempting to stay in and keep cozy with your comfiest pjs. If that sounds more like your speed, this pajama set is certainly for you.

Shirt: red
Pants: Joy Plaid (a festive mix of red, green, and white, you know...like the holidays, but pants!)

100% cotton

An original Peninsulas design