• Michigan Woodland Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Michigan Woodland Jigsaw Puzzle

Michigan Woodland Jigsaw Puzzle

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We love putting puzzles together - but we don't always want to devote an entire weekend to it. 1,000 pieces? No thanks, 16 works just fine sometimes. 

This unique puzzle celebrates our woodland friends in the Michigan [and beyond]. It is perfect for a lazy evening in front of the fire or on a rainy day when a hike through the woods is put on hold. 

Classic, timeless play. There's a reason that jigsaw puzzles have been around for hundreds of years … kids of all ages love them! Something about us humans just makes us what to solve puzzles.

Believe it not folks, doing puzzles actually builds better humans. Scientists on the internet told us so! 


  • 16 pieces
  • Premium maple plywood
  • Non-toxic water-based ink 
  • Comes with a drawstring bag 
  • Safe for children ages 3 and up!