• Cross Village / Tunnel of Trees Sticker Bundle

Cross Village / Tunnel of Trees Sticker Bundle


If you’ve ever driven or bicycled the most scenic road in Michigan then you know M-119, or the Tunnel of Trees. It is stunning four seasons of the year. The scenic journey ends at Cross Village, home of Peninsulas Up North during warm-weather months.

Our Cross Village/Tunnel of Trees Bundle includes eight stickers that pay homage to these colorful crossroads of the Northern Lower Peninsula.

Bundle includes: Cross Village Postcard, Cross Village Shield Deer, Cross Village Sunset, Tunnel of Trees M-119 Convertible, Tunnel of Trees M-119 Four Seasons, Tunnel of Trees M-119 Mini, Tunnel of Trees M-119 Scenic Route, Tunnel of Trees M-119


  • 8 stickers
  • Full retail cost: $26.00
  • Special bundle price: $20.00
  • 20% savings