Harwood Gold Infused Maple Syrups

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Since the late 1800’s the Parsons family has made maple syrup from the trees surrounding Harwood lake in Charlevoix, Michigan. Harwood Gold has grown since then, with the addition of made-with-maple products, and the opening of their first store & cafe in downtown Charlevoix. But no matter where they go next, one thing will always stay the same. High-quality, family-made maple syrup.

Available in a variety of flavors, these maple syrup infusions are sure to amaze your taste buds.

Bourbon Barrel Aged
Oaky, smokey bliss in a bottle. We age our pure maple syrup in bourbon barrels from Grand Traverse Distillery, and the result is exquisite.

Cinnamon Quill
Delicately sweet cinnamon pairs superbly with pure maple syrup. Add this maple syrup infusion to Middle Eastern dishes and fruity desserts.

Smooth, rich hazelnuts are the perfect compliment to caramelly maple syrup. The flavor will remind you of a chocolate praline truffle. Pair it with coffee, ice cream, Belgian waffles, or fruity desserts. The maple soaked nuts are a lovely treat as well.

Add a fresh floral note to foods and drinks. Culinary lavender gives this syrup a freshness you’ll sense in both your mouth and nose.

Vanilla Bean
Velvety vanilla brings out the caramel flavor in pure maple syrup. This infusion’s blend of flavors makes it perfect for sweet or savory dishes.

Cherry Bourbon
This mix blends the smokiness of the classic bourbon barrel aged syrup and adds the tartness of Montmorency cherries for a truly indulgent taste. Add a few drops to your Old Fashioned or drizzle over ice cream for a divine experience.


Size: 8 oz.