Petoskey Stone Candle



Freshen up any room in your house, and celebrate the Great Lakes State at the same time!

These 100% soy candles made by native Michigander Ava Peterson include a mitten-shaped Petoskey Stone that surrounds the flame of the candle.

Available in a variety of fragrances to fit any decor.

Lake Breeze
Feel the sweeping breeze fresh off the waves with hints of fresh ozone, oakmoss and melon.

Lavender Dreams
This relaxing scent is lavender combined with hints of orange, lemon and cedar wood.

Never Ending Sunset

This scent has notes of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, orange, peach and vanilla.

Northern Escape
Combines citrus, sea salt, plum, amber & dark musk.


  • 16 oz. soy wax candle with a cotton wick
  • Approximate 80-hour burn time