• Small Bark Candle

Small Bark Candle



Single-wick bark candles in green and gold packaging. Each small bark candle is topped with a letterpress topper and initialed by its pourer.

Three Wool Shirts
Freshly laundered, pulled from the cedar chest. Cherrywood and fine pipe tobacco.

Gumboots for Winter
Trudging through the thick snow to cut the yuletide tree. Orange spice, fir, pine, and smoke.

Whiskey River
A leather armchair by the fire, a glass of fine malt. Tobacco, amber, and musk.

Christmas on Cedar Run
Mulled wine on the stove. Chantilly cream on the pecan pie. Our holiday home. Smokey pine, cinnamon, hint of berry.


  • Candle scent: absinthe and black cedar
  • 8-1/2 oz soy wax candle with 100% wick
  • All natural and vegan friendly
  • Approximately 40+ hours burn time