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Retea Toasty Tea

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Retea cuts out the mysticism and the ancient mythology and deliver to you high quality ingredients in their signature blends made in small batches at our kitchen in Detroit. Each pouch of Retea provides up to 10 hours of education for a refugee.

Traditionally known as Genmaicha, Retea Toasty Tea starts with a high quality green tea. Japanese-grown sweet mochi rice is then toasted under high heat, and some of the Mochi Rice pops into popped rice (it looks like popcorn!). The ingredients are then blended together for a toasty + nutty green tea flavor.

20 cup pouch (50 grams)

Green Tea, Mochi Rice

Caffeine Contents
45-60 mg per 8 oz. of brewed tea

Brewing Instructions
Steep 1 teaspoon in 8 oz. of hot water (180 F) for 3 minutes.