• Wolverine Beer T-Shirt

Wolverine Beer T-Shirt



For Pontiac, brewing goes back to the 1850’s. But it wasn’t until Prohibition was repealed that the Wolverine Brewing Company came into its heyday.

Formed in 1933, Wolverine Brewing Co.’s bottling line started operation in May and ran for all of 10 years, lasting through the start of the war. By 1943, wartime restrictions became too much, and the Wolverine Brewing Company closed its doors.

They produced half a dozen beers, including Dark Horse Ale, Wolverine Beer, and Rhein-Brau, also known as “The Aristocrat”. It was said that the Rhein-Brau’s recipe was based on a winning formula from the Chicago World’s fair in 1893.

Today we many not be able to taste that prize winning beer for ourselves, but we can appreciate their legacy. Our Wolverine Brewing Co. t-shirt, featuring their iconic blue and yellow label, is a stylish and comfortable way to celebrate Michigan’s rich brewing history.

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100% cotton

Respectfully reproduced by Peninsulas using authentic vintage imagery and inspiration.