• Your Cabin in the Woods Book
  • Your Cabin in the Woods Book
  • Your Cabin in the Woods Book
  • Your Cabin in the Woods Book

Your Cabin in the Woods Book


Ever dream of escaping to a cozy cabin in the great outdoors? Conrad Meinecke can help make that a reality, with this unique two-color vintage package of his classic works Your Cabin in the Woods and Cabin Craft and Outdoor Living.

Meinecke details how to turn your cabin dream into a reality, with advice on choosing land, using tools, and the basics of construction. He provides floor plans for a variety of cabins; the best way to build fireplaces; and instructions on basic furniture, lighting, and other touches to make your cabin feel like home. Throughout are Meinecke’s thoughts on ways to enjoy your new-found space, from the perfect fireplace wood to the beauty found in birdsong.

Instructional as it may be, the book’s enduring appeal owes in large part to its warmly engaging tone and firm belief in the restorative power of nature and the satisfaction of hard work. He writes, “Take full enjoyment in the building. Take time out to rest. Most city folks seem always to rush things through. Why? Lay off until tomorrow. Take an afternoon nap. Stop the clock for the weekend. Get off to an early start in the cool of tomorrow morning. You may be crowded in your work in town, but this should be your rest cure, your recreating.” 


  • Hardcover
  • 288 Pages
  • Author: Conrad Meinecke
  • 8" x 11-1/2"