Welcome New Member, Peninsulas!

We're excited to welcome Robert and Sherri to our membership as the founders of this great new shop, Peninsulas!

When Robert was a child, his parents dragged him and his siblings to farms all around Michigan for day-long antique auctions where, at a young age, he got rust and dust in his veins.

Sherri’s childhood was spent in the backseat of her parents’ Thunderbird or Impala, touring the kitschy and picturesque sites of Northern Michigan. She has yet to see a “Mystery Spot” or souvenir snow globe she didn’t love.

All grown up now, the Jamesons, with their little French Bulldog, Chauncey, spend their time touring the state in their little Airstream trailer, looking for design inspiration and digging for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

Peninsulas is their new Cross Village gift shop where they share their Michigan-inspired designs and products for lake and land. Find them right across the street from Legs Inn! Take a drive out and say hello!