Looking for a fun, relaxing craft and a way to interact with the great outdoors?  With only a few simple steps, you can turn a pine cone into a delicious bird feeder to offer the winter birds in Michigan. Perfect for the whole family!


  • Dried, open pinecones
  • Peanut butter
  • Wild bird seed of your choice 
  • Yarn or string
  • A bowl and knife or spoon
  • Scissors

Step 1:
Go on a walk and find a pinecone (or several!).  You may want to place them somewhere warm - perhaps bring them indoors and set them near a heat vent so that they dry out and open up.

      Step 2:
      Cut approximately 6-8 inches of string per pinecone. Tie the string to to the top of the pinecone. Close the top loop with a knot or a bow.  This is what will be used to hang the pinecone.


      Step 3:
      Pour some birdseed into the bowl. 

      Step 4:
      Take your knife or spoon and smear peanut butter onto your pinecone.  
      Note: A lot of peanut butter will result in a more rounded pinecone.  Little dabs will allow you to see the ridges of the cone scales.  Birds and squirrels love pinecone birdfeeders of all shapes and sizes.

      Step 5:
      Roll your pinecone in the birdseed. Voilà!  You have an adorable pinecone birdfeeder!  Go hang it outside in a tree with pride.


      Lauren Diamond's Unexpected Takeaways

      Before I knew it, a squirrel scurried away with a whole pinecone!  He did seem to enjoy his special treat.


      I enjoyed this craft much more than I anticipated! It was very peaceful and I loved feeling connected to nature.  My son helped too! (Although he may have been most interested in eating the peanut butter.)  It put both of us in a good mood for the rest of the day!

      If you give this craft a try, share a photo of your creation and tag us at @mipeninsulas.  We'd love to see your pinecone birdfeeders!

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