From Michigan becoming the first government in the English-speaking world to the Detroit Red Wings winning a seventh consecutive National Hockey League championship — March is full interesting anniversaries and memories for the Great Lakes State. How many of these did you know?


March 1, 1847

Michigan became the first government in the English-speaking world to outlaw capital punishment.


March 1, 1915

Majestic Theatre offered the first motion pictures in Detroit.


March 2, 1974

In order to comply with federal legislation aimed at reducing energy consumption highway speed limits were reduced to 55 miles per hour.


March 3, 1801

Mail service to Michigan began. Mail was carried from Washington every 3 months.


March 3, 1875

Just three years after creation of Yellowstone National Park, Congress created the nation’s second national park, Mackinac Island National Park. When the military left the island 20 years later, the park was given to the state to become Michigan’s first state park.


March 6, 1896

Charles B. King became the first person to publicly drive on a Michigan street. During his test drive the car broke down.


March 9, 1932

Ford introduced the first V-8 engine.


March 9, 1976

Hot-air balloon flights over the state became legal. They had been outlawed in 1931.


March 12, 1972

Detroit Red Wings retired Gordie Howe’s uniform number (9). He tired of retirement and went on to play in the WHL and NHL with his sons until 1979.


March 13, every year

313 Day! A day to celebrate Detroit.


March 17, 1808

First St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Detroit.


March 18, 1837

University of Michigan was given permission by legislature to move from Detroit to Ann Arbor.


March 19, 1897

The state supreme court ruled that Hazen Pingree could not serve both as mayor of Detroit and governor of Michigan. He resigned as mayor so he could serve in Lansing.


March 19, 1918

Congress approves Daylight Savings Time.


March 19, 1925

The end of free fishing. A law was passed that requiring fishermen to buy a license.


March 20, 1955

The Detroit Red Wings won a seventh consecutive National Hockey League championship by defeating the Montreal Canadians 6-0 led by Ted Linsay’s 3 goal hat trick.


March 23, 1984

A woman from Hazel park gave birth to the state’s first “test-tube” baby.


March 26, 1944

Singer Diana Ross was born in Detroit.


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