Logos developed for numerous clients in a wide variety of industries.



Created to launch our role as merchandise partner with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this logo was designed for a number of purposes:

1. Develop a unifying look for the three main divisions of Michigan State Parks

2. Provide an appealing image for apparel, souvenirs, and merchandise

3. Serve as the basis for establishing unique logos for individual Michigan State Park properties as shown

Peninsulas worked closely with stakeholders at each property to develop a logo that best captures that locations unique identity, feel, and essence. Additionally, we were strategic in developing logos that were appealing in many different color, size, and mediums to assure a consistent brand story.



Doud's Market, on Mackinac Island, Michigan, is America's oldest grocery store. They serve the needs of the island's 500 year round residents, as well as appeal to the millions of vacationers that visit yearly. They came to us asking for a comprehensive brand identity that wouldn't alienate their current client base who were used to their existing logo. It was important to develop an identity that was not only made a nod to the time when groceries were delivered by horse and dray, but also appealed to modern sensibilities – while working both for branding the grocery as well as appearing on souvenir items.



General Motors wanted to roll out their 100th Anniversary in a year-long celebration. We developed a three-stage graphic treatment that would build on the anticipation and excitement of the big day. The branding guide was used as a "bible" for the hundreds of partners across the world developing event graphics and celebratory signage. 



Audi's nationwide dealer network came to us to develop a direct mail piece to help drive people into dealerships during the month of February, a notoriously slow month. We developed the concept of a test drive incentive, gifting participants $75 Visa card. We handled everything from the development and production of the direct mail through to the programing and maintenance of the redemption website. We also managed the fulfillment process, dealer training and the call center help line.



Over the years, Starfish, a non-profit based near Detroit, Michigan, has developed a process that has successfully helped children and families in need. They received a grant to develop an instructional guide so other non profits could implement. This brochure served as the introduction to the base of their program – the "blueprint" graphic. Talking over a year to develop, the circular graphic visually encompasses all aspects of the program and makes it easy to understand both for those running the program and its recipients.



Berkley, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, needed to come up with a way for residents and visitors to discover Berkley and see it as a destination for shopping, eating and various services. Uniting two very distinct districts located on two different streets, the two-sided map serves to unite Berkley as one, while educating consumers that while each district is unique, they are very close together and are navigable as one.



Lawrence Tech's College of Management wanted to develop a new look for a series of flyers that summarized the different degrees offered to students. They all needed to work as a series while maintaining their own unique identity. We chose to have the design reflect LTU's history of being a technical school, while keeping it very concise and easy-to-read and reference.



Three Pines Studio is an well-respected art gallery specializing in works by Northern Michigan and Native American artists. In addition to being a gallery, they also offer a variety of workshops that bring in national talent. Unfortunately their yearly calendar of events did not reflect this. We were asked to analyze the effectiveness of the previous design, and reinvent the piece to make it more attractive and user friendly. Because of the redesign, enrollment increased.



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