Our HOMES collection continues to be one of our most well-loved designs, and it’s no wonder why. We Michiganders love our lakes! And like many great designs, it all started with a t-shirt.


The HOMES t-shirt is a Peninsulas classic. Here’s why it should be your go-to.

Made with a polyester-cotton blend, the HOMES t-shirt is breathable, flexible, and soft. Our trusted suppliers and quality materials mean this tee is a far cry from the tissue-paper thin shirts you’ll find at the mall. This shirt will stand the test of time, and get more comfortable with every wash.

Plus, we print all of our sizings right onto the inner fabric, meaning there are no tags to irritate your neck!

Many of our shirts are designed in-house, including our HOMES shirt! Made with a timeless font and attractive blue gradient, this design is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The color of this tee is particularly good for layering, too. Grey is one of those neutral colors that match just about any other color jacket or skirt you’ve got in your closet. We even have a navy version for folks who would like a darker shirt choice.

In Michigan, you need to know how to layer, and our HOMES shirt is perfect for whatever the weather throws at you. Hot summer afternoon? Wear it with a pair of shorts! Beach day? T-shirts make great swimsuit cover-ups. Chilly fall morning? Layer it with a flannel or jean jacket.

If you need even more insulation, check out our HOMES crew necks, which come long-sleeved and have a super-soft interior.

As a shop that is so proud of our home state, it only makes sense for us to support local businesses! We like to include Michigan craftspeople and suppliers whenever we can, and our apparel is no different. We’ve worked with a local printing company in Berkley for years to print our designs, including the HOMES design, on apparel.

So when you buy a HOMES shirt, it goes beyond supporting just one Michigan mom-and-pop shop. You’re helping to foster an entire network of Michigan-based small-business owners.

Sometimes all you want is a shirt that tells people what you’re about. Our HOMES design is a classic, bold design that grabs people’s attention and makes a clever little nod to a big source of pride for Michiganders: our Great Lakes.

This shirt has become one of our classics, and it shows. People get it for themselves, and their kid who’s going off to college in another state. They get it for visiting relatives, or for their friend who’s moved out of the mitten but still feels a little homes-sick (get it?). No matter the occasion, we know it’s true: this shirt beams Michigan pride.


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