Campfire Stories Deck



Campfire Stories Deck is a collection of 50 cards with storytelling prompts to help people of all ages find engaging and meaningful ways to connect with family and friends.

While the glow of a campfire is the iconic setting for intimate stories, these cards can be used anywhere – on a camping trip, in the backyard, around the dining room table, or even an online hangout – to spark a story.

The cadence and authenticity of personal stories can help us reveal ourselves, allay fears, bring comfort, and pass the time. For example, "Tell a story about a time when you left something behind" might lead to a tale about a teddy bear, favorite shirt, well-worn book, or grandmother’s ring. Many of the deck’s prompts look to nature for inspiration: "Tell a story about your first visit to a national park" – or your first time in a tent, first encounter with a wild animal, or favorite beach experience.

People dream of their next adventures by reminiscing about past ones, and these cards help bring those memories – and rich stories – to light, whether around a candlelit dinner table or under the stars. Additional cards explain fun ways to use the deck and offer storytelling tips.

  • 50 story prompt cards plus 6 additional cards
  • Size: 4 ¾” x 1” x 6 ¼”
  • Publisher: Mountaineers Books
  • Contributors: Ilyssa Kyu and Dave Kyu
  • ISBN: 978-1-68051-532-9