Tunnel of Trees M-119 Scenic Route Sticker



Sometimes the journey IS the destination.

Winding 27.6 miles along the scenic Lake Michigan shoreline, M-119 is arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of blacktop you will ever find. Nicknamed "The Tunnel of Trees," it is a road best experienced at a leisurely pace. 

From the blanket of white trillium in the spring to the explosion of fall colors, there is always beauty around every bend. These awe-inspiring sights bring folks from all over the world, including plenty of bikers. For many motorcyclists, riding the tunnel of trees is a mitten rite of passage, one that usually ends with a badge of pride or two.

But one thing is for sure: whether you explore on two wheels or four, the road will always rise to meet you there.

Show your love for M-119, the "Tunnel of Trees" with our sticker. Perfect for bumpers, laptops, water bottles, and helmets.


3" x 4-1/2"

    An original Peninsulas design.