Northern Lights Cocktail Infusion



Enjoy a little Michigan spirit with our newest mixers! We collaborated with Mitten Mixers to bring you three unique drink mixers perfect for you and your friends. Founded by David Hart, Mitten Mixer is a Michigan drink infusion company created to bring delicious cocktails to your home party.

Mix the Northern Lights with a little bit of bubbly and add some sparkle to your night! With a blend of cranberry, apples, and cinnamon, this drink will remind you of fall evenings and starry winter nights. Citrus-infused sugar cubes add just the right amount of sweetness. Made in Charlevoix with unique mitten-shaped sugar cubes and real dried fruit, this drink looks as great as it tastes!

Prep is simple: Add your desired alcohol, wait three days for the flavors to infuse, and then enjoy! Refrigerate after opening.

Don’t forget to try our other two mixers as part of this collaboration: the Michigan Summer and the Campfire Glow cocktail infusions.

2.2 oz, makes 16 oz. (roughly six to eight cocktails)

Citrus-Infused Pure Michigan Sugar, Cranberry, Orange, Cinnamon, and Apple

Tasting Suggestion
Fill the jar with 16 oz of vodka or rum. Refrigerate 3-7 days. Shake well before serving. Drink on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Try mixing with Vernors, Coca-Cola, or Ginger Beer.