Holly Berry Petoskey Stone Candle



Have a Holly Jolly Berry, wait that’s not how the song goes… or does it? 

Holly has been a part of Holiday traditions for generations, but you knew that. But did you know the legends behind  the holly?  Bringing Holly into a home in the winter months was believed to provide shelter for spirits. In return, good luck was bestowed upon the home. 

Thankfully you do not have to forage for Holly Berries this season to fill your home. Ava’s Illuminations Holly Berry candle should do the trick. No matter if you are wishing for good luck in the new year, or just love the festive scent, these natural soy candles are perfect. 

Bring a joyful glow to any home with the cozy scent of Holly Berry this season.

These 100% soy candles made by native Michigander Ava Peterson include a mitten-shaped Petoskey Stone that surrounds the flame of the candle.

A warm mixture of evergreen, sweet berry and plum with just a touch of spice. A Holiday favorite!


  • 16 oz. soy wax candle with a cotton wick
  • Approximate 80-hour burn time