Lifejacket Can Wrap



Ever wondered what gift to get for the boater who has everything? Look no further than the beverage life vest.

Safety first! Buoyant yet fashionable, this life jacket keeps your drink safe and cold while you have all the aquatic adventures. It even comes with real buckles you can cinch down (or unbuckle if you’re in more of a “safety second” kind of mood).

The bright orange color of this life vest ensures that you’ll find your drink even if it takes an unfortunate tumble into the water. And yes, it really floats!

The beverage life vest is the perfect blend of tongue-in-cheek humor and genuinely useful design. Get it today to make sure your potables are as adventure-ready as you are.

  • Includes one can-sized life vest with buckles
  • Fits both cans and bottles
  • Fits 12 oz cans best