Custom Work

Lincoln Mercury Coasters

Whether you are starting your own microbrewery, distillery, or bar…. or just looking for a great giveaway for your special occasion, custom made coasters may be just the thing!

Developed as a loyalty gift for a major automotive company, these full-color printed coasters were produced on thick blotter paper for maximum absorbency and rigidity.

Available in a variety of standard shapes or your customized shape, and with or without packaging; coasters are a cost effective way to communicate your brand, your message, or your appreciation. At least your wood furniture will thank you.


Sure almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet or some other electronic gizmo that tells you the date, time and proximity to the nearest vegan hot dog stand…all the pertinent information!

But we all still love calendars. They sit on our desks and our nightstands. We circle special events and count down the days. The subject matter speaks to our hobbies or our lifestyles.

This calendar was developed with individual month cards and a custom designed box that doubles as the display easel for the current month, and storage for past and future months.

Designed to be used year after year; requiring only a new set of month cards, this calendar is made of environmentally conscious chipboard and recycled paper.

So pick your favorite 12 images and let us help you develop a great gift for your customers or clients that will remind them of you all year long.

Detroit Mercantile Co. 313 Shot Glass

T-shirts are great giveaways, but sometimes you want something just a little big different. Glassware is a practical gift for everyone and is a unique way to communicate your brand or message.

These shot glasses were developed to help celebrate the 313th birthday of the City of Detroit. Adapting a multi-color logo to a two-color logo with metallic ink, we were able to produce a high-quality unique piece at an affordable price.

Many different shapes and sizes or glassware are available for customization – many made right here in the USA. Methods of decoration range from full-color printing to acid-etching to decals.

Let us help you put your logo or design on a commemorative glass…and toast to your good taste!