Full Production Ceramic Mug



Add a little Detroit history to your morning coffee.

The artwork is a holiday tribute to the iconic “Detroit Industry” fresco mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera (1886-1957). Rivera created the 27-panel masterpiece in the eleven months between March 1932 and April 1933. The four towering walls of Rivera Court are the crown jewel of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

This scene is based on the North Wall, which depicts the production of a 1932 Ford V-8 engine—with a slight North Pole twist.

To keep up with demand, Santa’s workshop is in full production mode year around. And it’s fun to watch them hard at work. This festive ceramic mug celebrates that. Artwork of their production line wraps around the mug. Fill it with coffee, hot cocoa, or heated-up Vernor’s Ginger Ale—a Michigan favorite—to take the chill out of a cold Michigan winter’s night.


  • Size: 15 oz. 
  • Ceramic
Dishwasher safe

An original Peninsulas design.