Golden Oyster Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit



A fun and creative way to grow gourmet mushrooms in your own kitchen! These kits are made to be just as educational as they are fun, with a glossary of mycology terms and a fungi word search in addition to growing materials.

This contains almost everything you need to grow your own crop of mushrooms - just add a bucket of straw! No special equipment required.

Golden oyster mushrooms have a tangy cashew flavor and make a lovely garnish fried and sprinkled over salads and soups. Working your way through one of these kits will leave you with a foundation to grow your own mushrooms confidently, and hopefully inspire you to further explore the world of mycology.

Kit includes
  • 5mL mushroom culture (enough to start five buckets)
  • Mushroom growing instructions
  • Glossary of mycology terms and fungi word search