Keweenau Coffee Co. Yooper Blend Coffee



Keweenaw Coffee Co. is a coffee micro-roastery focused on providing fresh, quality coffee that is sustainably produced and supports small, artisanal farms. They use bio-compostable packaging, use certified beans when available and never cut corners.

The Yooper Blend is smooth-bodied with a creamy and sweet flavor. Keweenaw Coffee’s signature mix of Indonesian and Papau New Guinea Beans are combined in a medium roast, featuring notes of dark chocolate, sugar cane, and melon. If you have a healthy sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy this #1 Keweenaw Coffee Co. seller!

Available as whole beans, this blend is ready to go no matter how you do your brew. If you’d like to sample this roast before you buy a bigger bag, we also offer a 2 oz. option.

Roast Profile

Indonesia and Papau New Guinea