Lions Mane Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit



A fun and creative way to grow gourmet mushrooms in your own kitchen! These kits are made to be just as educational as they are fun, with a glossary of mycology terms and a fungi word search in addition to growing materials.

This contains almost everything you need to grow your own crop of mushrooms - just add a bucket of used coffee grounds! No special equipment required.

Lions mane mushrooms have been getting a ton of attention for recent research on their potential in repairing brain and nerve damage, and they taste almost exactly like crab (try making crab cakes with your harvest!) Working your way through one of these kits will leave you with a foundation to grow your own mushrooms confidently, and inspire you to further explore the world of mycology.

Kit includes
  • 5mL mushroom culture (enough to start five buckets)
  • Mushroom growing instructions
  • Glossary of mycology terms and fungi word search