If you're like us, you dream of a way to escape to a little cabin in Northern Michigan, where you can hear birdsong in the morning and have a fireplace roaring at night. However, most of us don't have the time, money, or lifestyle to head out to the woods and buy our own A-Frame!

What do you do to bring that feeling of a cozy cabin home to your own space? Whether you're living in a suburb, an apartment, or even a dorm room, you can give your space the feeling of an A-Frame nestled deep in the forest. It's all about the hygge.

Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah," is a Norwegian word in origin, according to The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. It's a word used to describe the Danish concept of quiet, calming comfort. When you hear hygge, think candles, hot cocoa, and reading nooks with lots of pillows and blankets.

Read on to learn our tips to make your space feel like your own woodland hideaway, with a special kind of Michigan-flavored hygge.

Layering isn't just for your winter wear! Layering multiple fabrics and plush items can make any space feel warm and inviting. There's something about a nest of pillows and blankets that invites you to sink in and do some reading (or take a nap).

This isn't just for the living room, either. Add a few extra pillows and a throw blanket (or two) to your bed (perfect for dorm rooms too). Include a few stuffed animals in the mix, especially if you have a little one. You can even bring a soft throw blanket or blanket scarf to work! Keep it folded over the back of your office chair or in a nearby basket, and wrap it around your shoulders when you're feeling chilly.

Looking for blankets? Try These:

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Don't stop at your living room decoration if you're looking to feel cozy! Layering up with soft, warm clothing will keep you comfy, even if you do end up needing to leave your hideaway to run errands.

Embrace an apres-ski mindset with a warm pair of sweats or a cable knit sweater and fuzzy socks for lounging around the house. Once you head outdoors, try switching out for some quality wool socks and layer-able shirts. Earthy browns and greens, along with classic patterns like buffalo plaid, are excellent choices for embodying the adventurer's aesthetic.

Of course, these tips are great for Michiganders in the height of winter, but what about in warmer temps? Anything that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed is your best bet, so try soft, comfortable shorts and looser, flowy shirts.

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One word: ambiance. Have you ever walked into a restaurant or a friend's home and suddenly felt like you were in another world? Subtle changes in lighting, scent, or sound can transform your space into a relaxing, outdoorsy oasis.

Candles are great for those who want the energy of a glowing fireplace but don't have a fireplace in their home. Try woodsy or earthy scents. Incense is perfect if you love the smell of a far-off campfire!

If you're sensitive to smoke, there are smokeless and more subtle ways to scent your home. Scented soaps are perfect for the bathroom and kitchen, while scented sachets work well around the living room or bedroom. String lights or electric candles are great for those who want a candle's warm, twinkling light without the fire hazard.

Sound is another great way to create a calming atmosphere in your space. If you enjoy white noise, try putting on some birdsong or crackling campfire noises in the background. If you like background music, pick a playlist that makes you feel calm and comfortable: whether that's indie acoustic, classic r&b, or prog rock.

These items look (and smell) wonderful:

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Sometimes it's the little things that bring a room together. Keep an eye out for wildlife-inspired decorations, whether it's the perfect art print or a wall mount that would make any hunter proud (shout out to our shop moose, Mason). Vintage items are ideal for a rustic cabin aesthetic, so take some time to look through your local vintage and antique shops. You might even find an old pair of binoculars or snowshoes perfect for your shelf!

If you're not the kind to buy purely aesthetic decoration, a coffee table book that's both beautiful and an exciting read might be more your ticket. Try finding board games that are both beautiful to look at and fun to play. You can even artfully display your nature collection with a few tweaks and tips!

Add some charm to your space with these pieces:

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Cooking and baking are time-honored traditions for creating warmth, companionship, and comfort. There's no better way to end a chilly day than with a warm meal shared by loved ones!

Try out new recipes, make batches of baked goods to share, or have friends over to make a meal feel special. Use warm, filling recipes that use local ingredients, like venison or morel mushrooms. Using local ingredients and foraging for your recipes are excellent ways to feel more connected to nature and get into that woodsy cabin-dweller mindset!

Not a fan of involved recipes? Little moments can be just as satisfying, like making tea, cocoa, or coffee in the morning to share with a loved one. It's less about the impressiveness of

the recipe and more about creating traditions to warm your home and build a sense of connection.

Add a little Michigan flavor to your kitchen with these items:

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There's a good chance you're here not just because you like the looks of a log cabin but also because you're drawn to nature and the outdoors. If that's the case, take advantage of that feeling! Follow your fascination to wherever it takes you, from the local nature trail to the state park, the birding club, and beyond. Take a look at the DNR website for events and opportunities to get involved in the outdoors. Explore outside the walls of your comfort zone and have your own adventure, because a house feels the most inviting when you're coming home to it.

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